Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Life Update #2: Moving On Up (but Not to the East Side)



Yep, we are now the proud owners of a home that not only has a foundation, but also has a basement. (Woah, we're living big!) Not being able to ever truly part from Andrew's parents (who lived one kilometer away from our minihome), we just moved further down the same road. Past the point where the road stops being paved.

That's right, we've increased our Hickness by living on a shitty dirt road. Though there are plenty of reasons that sucks, I like to look for the rainbow that follows the rain. I'm fucking optimistic y'all.
Pro: Way more windows to let sunlight in.
Con: Lord knows how the hell my little car Knuckles is going to drive in the middle of a blizzard on an unplowed dirt road.
Pro: If ever I take Ecstasy, I can trip out naked in the backyard without worrying about people seing me talk to the flowers. Although I'm pretty sure that if I was on Ecstasy, I wouldn't give a crap.  
Con: I shouldn't be encouraged to take Ecstasy. I'm crazy enough as it is.
Pro: Increased chance of surviving the zombie apocalypse due to isolation.
Meet Clements, our new Palm Tree
and Liberace, the gold deer.
Con: This isolation also means that there would be no one around to save me if I was being attacked by a serial killer. Or a clown.
Pro: Our new place has an orchard with 5 apple trees. 
Con: Because of these lovely apple-buffets, we get visited more often by skunks and racoons. And as much as I feel like a Disney Princess, Andrew keeps stressing that if approached and sung to, they will attack.
Pro: Since we're surrounded by woods, Andrew is constantly out scouting and hunting. Which means he can't always be around when I try to sing to the woodland creatures. There's still a possibility of communicating with them.
So while I'm waiting for wildlife to appear in my front yard, I'm painting and unpacking boxes and getting our house ready for a House-warming Party I'm pretty sure is never going to happen cause the house is never going to be fully unpacked. But I'm really trying to fit in time to blog, I swear!

P.S. The previous owners of the house were absolutely nuts (think paranoid and immature with their use of permanent marker in our home) so I will have a few stories relating to when we first moved in.

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