About Me

Yeah, I'm just chillin' with mah sheeps. (They're not actually
my sheeps. I wish I had sheeps. And yes, I know the plural
of sheep is not sheeps. Try and stop me. Bitch.)
My name is Christine. I'm 23. I live in a minihome in the country that's as old as I am with my partner Andrew, my dog Lucy and our kitties Tika and Sako.

I graduated from university with a BA with Honours in Psychology, and am now working as a full-time Environmental Assessment Coordinator (which is just a fancy way of saying I'm an Administrative Assistant, or Ass.).

I also do painting commissions. And then I attempt to do some laundry, because Andrew does the cooking. I can only cook using a microwave.

This is my first time writing anything other than university papers discussing subjects like Autism (for my Psych Major), Religion & Art (Religious Studies Minor) and the History of the Black Barbie (Anthropology Minor, and yes, I actually wrote an A+ paper on Black Barbies). So I'm actually surprised that I have been writing so many posts.

I love lists. I also have a thing for fat chickens and peacocks, especially the fictional one named Jerry that I will one day own.

Let me know if there's anything else you want to know.

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