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I wasn't lying about him being a hick.
Andrew is my "domestic partner". I call him that cause we are technically common-law spouses, but he thinks that sounds too scary, because it implies that he's whipped (which he is). Boyfriend is kind of non-commital sounding and "mah man" makes me sounds like I've morphed into a female version of him. And it's totally official. Like, Facebook official.

He is the biggest hick possible (but not a red neck, which is apparently very different). He looks completely normal to most people, but don't be fooled by his Average Joe demeanor. He enjoys getting "Sha-Sha-ed", doing the "foosh-foosh" and making up other terms. And that's just the beginning. He's totally Coo Coo for Cocoa Puffs.

He didn't know how Jesus died and still doesn't know who Snooki is. It makes him endearing and even more lovable. Which makes up for the fact that he likes stuffed carcasses he can mount on the wall.

We've been together over five years. I believe he likes it, so he should put a ring on it.

Here he is in civillian attire, e.i., when I dress him.

This was the day we got her, before she pucked SEVEN times on the drive home
Lucy, also known as Luce, Loser, Lucifer, Lucyintheskywithdiamonds and Gooser is our 2 and a half year old Border-Collie/Lab mix. We're not actually sure about the Border Collie part, but we tell her she is so she doesn't grow up with identity issues. It's bad enough that she knows she's adopted. Yes, we treat her like a four year old child that just happens to weight as much as a 11 year old child. Who also happens to be covered in fur.

She is extremely smart, is currently doing agility training, and enjoys waking me up at 3:30 every single morning to be let out/drink/finish her supper/prance in the living room because she got bored of sleeping. She likes to warn us of the threats that are posed by 12 year old neighbour who enjoys riding his bike by our road (Nathan is clearly practicing for when he'll have to run from the law. Lucy knows he's going to turn out to be a criminal.)

When bored and home alone, Lucy tends to party hard.

Tika and Sako

These kitties are probably over two years old now. Well, I guess they're over 4 years old if you add both their ages together. They are named after guns. This was the only way I could convince Andrew to let me adopt them (hey, think on the bright side. They could have been Remington and Winchester). We got them from one of our local vets, who took care of the litter of four after someone left them and the mama on their doorstep. I saw Tika, adopted her the same day, and then convinced Andrew that she was lonely and missed her sister. We bought Sako the very next day.

Tika is the bigger one. She is super affectionate to the point of being annoying, lazy, and the least graceful cat I have ever seen.

She has a facination with light reflections shinning on the walls, the plastic part of our shower curtain and Andrews feet when they're under the covers.

Sako is quite shy (read: runs and hides as soon as she hears someone pull up in the driveway), loves to knead and seems to have a broken purrer (sounds like a bad motor from a 1979 Honda).

She enjoys fresh-from-the-sink water and will meow adorably for you to fetch some for her. Her high-pitch meow has magical properties that force you to comply.


  1. 1. I like that you felt the need to tell the internet that Andrew is whipped.
    2. You need to write more blogs like the one about Lent cause that was funny.

  2. Your domestic partner makes up words? My husband TOTALLY does that. We are *definitely* some sort of twins. I'm not sure how to explain away the age difference..but I feel like time travel may have been involved.

  3. OR this could be a case of parallel universes... Except we somehow got stuck in the same universe. The chances of that happening are like a batrijillion to one, so we're pretty lucky that it happened to us.

    Clearly, there's some sort of bigger plan out there for us. Like, trapping Justin Timberlake so he can sing for us all day and night while we constantly check everyone's pulse.

  4. I got you beat! I have been dating the same guy for more than 10 years, lived with him for 8 of those. In our state common law doesn't exist and when he asked me to marry him I said no, but he didn't leave. I use boyfriend because that is what he is and when people say "your husband" I say "I am happily DIVORCED backslidden baptist living in sin with a backslidden catholic"

  5. I tried to find your email address but was unsuccessful. Please feel free to delete this after you read it. I saw your post on bloggess about getting a peacock. I must urge you, do research before actually purchasing it. Chickens are lovely, even my rooster who crows a few times around dawn. HOWEVER, the peacocks I have known go into a 1-2 HOUR long chorus of cries every morning at dawn. I love to look at peacocks. I HATED those peacocks after a whole summer of living next door to them. They are REALLY loud (louder than my rooster, by the way). Just doing my part to save you a few more hours of sleep. ;)



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