Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Surprise, I'm still invisible!

Hey all! Let's pretend I haven't been gone for a couple of years. 



Remember when I was repeatedly called Courtney back my co-workers a few years ago? (See here, here and here.) Wasn't that funny? 

Guess what happened when I opened up an email from my insurance agent this morning?

If you didn't guess that it happened again, you might want to
download the Luminosity app and work on your brain power.
I basically spoon fed the answer to you.
Either I've got an evil twin or doppelgänger that enjoys confusing people and eliciting exasperation from me, or my self-importance got too high and life decided to knock me down a few pegs. Again. I'm going to turn into a small blond girl and go find myself my own Aibileen Clark now.

Minus the racial inequality and civil rights issues. 


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