Tuesday, 5 June 2012

And the Award for Weirdest Effin' Cat Goes to...

This photo, for reasons absolutely unknown, reminds me of Dakota Fanning.

So I've had my two cats for almost a year now and just when I finally started to believe I understood cats, Tika has slapped my confidence in the face.

Tika has always been cuddly and affectionate, but for the past couple of months, she's come up to me, expecting to be petted, only to get pushed away. Why?

Because one side of her face will be completely soaked.

Yes, I actually took several pictures over a span
of a week to document this phenomena.
The first time, I thought she just accidentally ran her face into the water bowl (she's not the most graceful), but she's came up to me with a wet face too many times now. I doubt it takes that long to figure out what water does when you stick your head in it.

So, the only other thing I can think of that can get her face soaked other than water is saliva. As in, my cat is drooling all over herself.

Wtf. I already have to deal with Lucy drooling puddles on the floor, and now I have to deal with a slobery cat?

Now, not only do I constantly worry about my own health, I am also a hypochondriac by proxy. This means that I ended up frantically clicking through Pet-themed, WebMD-lookalike websites, searching for what horrible illness she might have.   
Droplets. Actual droplets.

So far, the top candidates are a root tooth absess, a cancerous mass or happiness. Yes, apparently some cats drool when filled with pure bliss. Kinda like how some people drool when filled with alcohol.
Since she's been acting totally normal (eating well, still active), she's always coming up to me purring, and the drooling seems to come and go, I actually think she's suffering from euphoria. 

And boy, must she ever be overjoyed, because sometimes its so bad that she'll shake her head, and water will go flying everywhere, as if she was a St. Bernard running a marathon with bacon as the prize.

Are these pictures overkill? It's probably overkill.

I feel like rainwear may sometimes be required when handling her.

It is honestly the weirdest and grossest thing. And yet, with the kind of little family we have here, I'm surprised I didn't expect some oddities out of the cats as well.

Does anyone else's cat drool? Andrew's cousin Miss Love had a cat that drooled a lot, but it also got its neck caught in the pull string of some window blinds when it was a kitten, so we just assumed brain damage.

Sidenote: His name was Cooper, but I renamed him Superstar. I tend to rename everyone else's cat to suit my own vision of the cat.  Ghetto-kitty, Hootie-Cat, Bitch, and Sketchy-cat are others I renamed. I never said I was creatively naming them.
If the drooling persists or I notice anything unusual, I'm bringing her straight to the vet. So no need to freak out about her health and safety!


  1. I do know a cat that drools, but whenever it has a catnip toy. and I mean st. bernard drool too! It is kind of gross. I thought it was sweat by the looks of the water, but drool? That is weird, but if human's can why not them.

  2. My cat climbs on top of you, does what she needs to do to get comfortable (ie turning in circles and/or kneading) finds the sweet spot, which is usually her head over my right shoulder, settles in and immediately turns on her drool faucet. It is fantastically gross. It skeeves me out. BUT, I love her and it's just one of her "things" now.

    1. Ew. But by the sounds of all the comments, I'm going to have to get used to a drooling cat. Who also likes to knead my thighs and butt. As if I didn't already know that I should lose a little weight, I have a cat practically screaming out "Your butt and legs have the same consistency as my favourite pillow!"

  3. My big fat tabby cat will purr and drool all over my chest. He does not get the side of his head wet like that though, it just comes down his chin and onto me. Maybe if he was laying on his side it would though. Just gross! I don't realize it until he gets up and my chest is all wet from him! UGH.

    1. Ugh. What is up with all of these drooling cats?! I did not sign up for this. Yet another weird/gross thing about cats. Thank God they're so entertaining.

      Tika doesn't seem to drool on me, but rather likes to brush by my bare leg or arm, kinda like a sneak attack soaking.

  4. There is a small possibility that they are drinking out of the water faucet...my cats will turn the faucet on to get fresh water and subsequently get one side of their head wet. And my cats turn it off too. I did not train this.

    1. That's crazy! My cats understand that it's the two knobs that turn on the water in the tub and will paw at it, but they're not strong enough to turn it on. (Thank God, because we would constantly have a bath running.)

      But every once in a while, I'll turn the tub faucet on and watch all three pets run to it to get a drink. Then I like to yell out "ANDREW! IT'S LIKE WE'RE AT A WATERING HOLE IN AFRICA, SURROUNDED BY TINY LIONS AND A VERY FUNNY-LOOKING ZEBRA!"

    2. I've been reading all day and laughing at work. This comment is one of the funniest EVER!

  5. I've experienced your cats drool hands on. Remember when we became best buds and she was all over me and then I realized her face was wet and you told me it was drool. I couldn't choose between pushing her off or enjoying the love she was giving me.


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