Wednesday, 13 June 2012

I Sometimes Assist when no Assistance should be Needed.

Someone just asked my for help with their Microsoft Word document. She came to my desk and explained that her document was too "squished". I suggested she widen the margins. Apparently, that didn't work, because she sent me the file with with "see what I mean" as the email subject. I opened the file.

Everything was in font size 9.

I didn't understand what the problem was, so she came over to explain that no one could read it. I actually had to teach her how to increase font sizes. (She grew up during the age of computers and works in Marketing. There is no excuse for this.)

I .... am in shock and have no idea what to say.


  1. WOW... I wonder if her resumé was also in font size 9... LOL

  2. She lied on her resume, and blew the prof to pass. She knows nothing, but how to surf porn. 9 point explains a lot when you surf porn you get sizing all messed up.

  3. Too funny! I just left a job where I was the formatting queen. I cringe when I think of what they will be doing now that I'm gone. :)


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