Sunday, 14 October 2012

Add a Little Sex Appeal to your Front Yard this Halloween

Do you feel like your lawn needs more trashy seductiveness?
Do you want the atmosphere around your home to scream out bimbo! without having to resort to ridiculously skanky costumes that only vaguely look like the character they're supposed to represent? (Not that it will stop you from dressing up as that sexy nurse.)
Do you think to yourself "Pumpkins and Scarecrows just don't get me hot and bothered anymore"?
Do you just love whores?
If you said yes to these questions, consider purchasing the Halloween Hooker Skeleton!
Venereal disease and  18th century pimp not included.
We saw this at our local Canadian Tire. They were on sale and yet no one seemed to be buying them. Probably because prostitute chic is so last year.
"Hey baby, how much
for your honey?"

Sidenote: Do prostitutes actually dress up on Halloween night? Like, can you pick up the bumblebee and the ghost on the corner?


  1. It adds new meaning to the phrase "legs akimbo", doesn't it!

  2. I hope that there is a zombie pimp to go with it.

    1. Oh yes, but they're each sold seperate. He's like the rotting Ken to this bony Barbie.

  3. Skeleton seems to be checking if it remembered to wax down there...silly skeleton, your vajajay fell off years ago. Odd that you check to see if you waxed but not if the actual commodity is still there. Weird hooker logic.

    1. And the arms in the air suggest the reaction "Holy shit, where's my fucking beaver?"


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