Thursday, 11 October 2012

Welcome New Followers (I Clearly Owe Lauren a Justin Timberlake Poster)

Hello to Lauren's Blogstalkers, and welcome!

This is me welcoming you while posing in front of absolutely nothing.
Since you guys are new and I don't want to just regurgitate my "About Me" page, I thought you may like a quick list of my previous posts that aren't crap. You know, so we can become best friends and make each other friendship bracelets and have sleepovers and talk about one another behind the other's back. So here we go!

If you haven't already stopped reading, here are other labels to check out:
  • Sleeping with Psycho
    • Andrew tends to sleepwalk/talk and when I actually catch him doing it, it both scares me and fascinates me.
  • Crazy Wedding Bitch
    • I am planning a wedding with Andrew even though we aren't engaged. Yet.
    • Want to see photos of destroyed objects strewn across my living room floor? Well, you're a bitch.
  • Love Story
    • Mainly pre-blog stories of Andrew and I's relationship. Many involve me being embarrassed and/or crying.
So, can I expect a bracelet?


  1. My sweet skills with embroidery floss are terribly rusty. Would you accept a friendship bracelet made of dental floss and twist ties? (I'll use flavored floss!)

  2. Oh Sweet Baby Jesus on a cracker!!! I came over here the other day after seeing your guest post on Lauren's page and have totally turned into a stalker. I have read all of your past posts (at work, as a legal assistant, sort of like an ASS but not) and have a total crush on you. In a non-lesbian way of course. Keep up the great work!!!

    Carol Dickerson
    P.S. I had to sign my name since I had to do a comment as Anonymous since it wouldn't (or I couldn't understand) let me do it another way.


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