Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Will you be my Brideschicken?

You can probably guess why Andrew and his
parents like him so much.
Today, I expressed to Andrew my desire to go visit his parent's chickens, especially the two little red hens named Red and Green. If you don't know who Red Green is, it's ok. He's a character from an old Canadian comedy show. And I'd rather not know who he is either. If you do know who he is, I'm sorry (And if you know who he is and like him, you're a hick.) Regardless, Red and Green are much cuter than Red Green.
Me: I love those chickens so much, they will be bridesmaids at my wedding!
Andrew: Ooooookay then.
Me: Chances are, a Chicken of Honour has happened before somewhere in the world.
Andrew could not argue.

And lo and behold, look what I found:

Those chickens are like the Freddy Mercury of chickens! MAMA MIA, LET ME GO!
Ok, so it turns out that these are just random chickens held during a bridal photoshoot (which is a new one for me. I had no idea that there was such a thing as a bridal photoshoot. I thought weddings were about the couple, and not just the bride, but I wouldn't know. I HAVEN'T BEEN PROPOSED TO YET.) I really hope that this shoot was done after the actual wedding, because I imagine it would be extremely difficult to clean chicken shit out of a wedding gown. Not that a chicken has ever shit on my blue boho/prairie summer dress before...

Okay, I may have scared Red shitless by hugging her and talking to her excitedly (aka, very loud and high-pitched). 

Note to others: don't treat chickens like puppies. You will be shit on. 


  1. Thanks for the 411 on chicken talking. :) No high pitched voices! hahahah! I have never hugged a chicken. Helped pluck chickens yes, had the kids round up chickens so we could chop off their heads yes...but never have I hugged a chicken. :)

  2. I love chickens! I am really excited about eventually being able to have a couple of chickens for fresh eggs, once we buy a house with a yard. I will have my chickens!

    And a goat. My husband wants a fainting goat, but I told him he's not responsible enough to be trusted with that sort of power over a four legged creature.

  3. Sorry! I couldn't even finish your post without saying...I love RED GREEN!!!! Who else would ever teach you how to duct tape a tire onto your spare rather than finding a lug wrench!!! Way to bring it home

    Princess WeeWee

  4. OMG - random chickens for a bridal photo shoot???? I'm not sure which part of that was funnier. But I am sure of one thing, you owe me a keyboard, I just spit coffee all over mine!

  5. Now I feel all deprived because there were no fancy chickens at my wedding. There were fancy chicken PARTS at the reception, all covered in buttered crab meat, but I might have looked a little ridiculous if I had picked one up in each hand and held them like puppies.

    *sigh* Missed opportunity.

  6. Not gonna lie, Red Green has always made me laugh... then again, I grew up with only channel 3 (cbc) half my childhood, and that, Jonovison, and the original Degrassi were the only shows I watched.


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