Tuesday, 13 November 2012

What's Been Going on in the Hick/Crazy Household this Fall.

While picking my nicest pictures of the season, I now realize how much of a crazy cat/dog lady I am. There's an entire world out there, but I apparently would rather take pictures of the same three subjects over and over and over again.
Sidenote: This is why I should never take drugs. Well, non-prescribed drugs.
Sidenote sidenote: I don't not take drugs because I take too many pictures of my pets. It's because I think I have such an addictive personality that if I did do illegal drugs, even once, I would probably automatically get addicted to it and become a paranoid crackhead living under a bridge that would yell out warnings to passing cars about the inevitable apocalypse brought on by dragons.
Sidenote3: And also because of the pets. They shouldn't have to live with an addicted mother. They'll have self-esteem and trust issues.
 Annnnnnnd tangent is done. For this post at least. Here are some photos of the season:

Can you guess what Lucy was for Halloween?
Can you guess that I enjoy photobombing?

I told Andrew that the wings were much too small for Lucy to be able to fly. He couldn't argue. Or maybe he's just given up arguing with me because it's futile.
Tika cleaning herself while half of her face is drenched, once again, for NO REASON WHATSOEVER.

The boxer dogs of my not-technically-father-in-law-because-someone-won't-put-a-ring-on-it, plus Lucy.
She's like the Megan Fox of dogs, but with talent!
I don't have any final poignant or clever closing statement, so I'll just let you all know that Andrew, who was quietly playing Angry Birds, just called out "cornucopia!" for no reason whatsoever. I swear he doesn't have Turette's.

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  1. I've always felt the same way about addictive substances. Some, anyways. I do not fear drinking on occasion, and I have no interest in "downers" as I don't have a thyroid, my body stopped making B12, and I don't absorb vitamin D like I'm supposed to. I sleep enough as it is. But uppers? I bet I could really get into some of that speed stuff. Being able to say up 8 hours without feeling zombified...yeah. I could see myself getting used to that lol


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