Friday, 15 February 2013

Sometimes, I Like to Give Andrew Gentle Reminders

The effort put in shows how much I love him.


  1. Bahaha Such a gentle reminder. Best idea ever! I actually laughed out loud when I saw this. The dog looked at me like I was bonkers. Which I am.. But that's beside the point.

  2. Now THAT'S the way to leave a snarky note! I wish I'd thought of it back when I had flatmates!

    1. You know what's the worst thing about this? Andrew has actually laid the frame down and used the motherfucking picture as a coaster for his beer.

      I don't even know why I try.

  3. Hope all is well. I keep checking back in on you and I'm not seeing any new posts. :( Sad panda!

    Take care!

    1. Hey LeAnn!

      Sorry about the lack of posts, I've posted a post explaining the lack of posting... Post post post.

      Please hug the sad panda for me. Pandas should never be sad.


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