Friday, 28 October 2011


While at work, I became inspired by the Wedding Gods. I immediately emailed Andrew.

From: "Christine"
To: <Andrew>
Subject: Summary: Your girlfriend is nuts.

If ever we get married, I want a live peacock at the wedding. Which we then keep, and name Jerry.

Since we've already talked about owning chickens for their eggs, I thought Jerry would be the perfect addition to our aviary family. Hell, he could replace the rooster! That way, there would be any annoying crowing at every hour of the day (Fact: Roosters have no concept of time). Although, I don't actually know what sound a peacock makes... Plus, if there were any allegations of incestuous cheating or granny strippers, Jerry could run a talk show. This was the answer I got from Andrew.

From: "Andrew"
To: <Christine>
Are you completely off your rocker ?lol

That "lol" is being taken as a "maybe".


UPDATE: I have found their call. They sound like total pussies. Maybe I'll just hire that guy at the end of the movie instead.

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