Saturday, 7 July 2012

I Think my Dog has Self-Esteem Issues. As in, It's too High. WWCMD (What Would Cesar Milan Do?)

Andrew and I are celebrating our four year anniverasy this weekend (even though our anniversary was last week) by renting out a log cabin for a mini-weekend, aka one-night-because-that's-all-we-can afford-but-we-can-still-make-it-sound-fancy. The package includes a welcome drink at the main lodge (Andrew wants to try a Grasshopper a la Raj from Big Bang Theory), a three course fine dining meal that we will probably ruin by slurping our soup and using the wrong fork, and a free breakfat that will most likely be too meager for Andrew's Magical Bottomless Stomach.


Regardless of these potential problems, I am super excited. Like, 12-year old girl at a One Direction concert with front row seats excited. This is the first vacation we will take just the two of us since our first year together when we drove to a nearby province to stay at my friend's house for a weekend.

Because we are so unhealthily attached to Lucy that we can't even leave her at Andrew's parents for the night, we are taking her with us.

This means having to buy a carrier to transport her during the trip, since sitting inside a car doesn't work so well. So I invested way more money than I ever anticipated on an extra large dog carrier.
Sidenote: I had previously bought a large-sized dog crate for Lucy, seeing as it was advertised as being compatible for 40-70lbs dogs. However, it turns out that though Lucy may only weigh 50lbs, its all muscle and bone, so she's much bigger than the weight suggests. That, or dog crate companies are assholes that enjoy messing with their customers.
Sidesidenote: why is the abbreviation for pounds lbs? For years as a kid, I had no idea that it was even an abbreviation, so I just pronounced it as luh-bissss. No wonder I never skipped a grade.
Pretty sure there's lazy eye going on in this picture.

So after emptying my wallet, spending a total of 15 minutes getting the carrier in and out of the back seat of my small Oldsmobile,  I brought it to my living room and assembled it. Turns out, I should have had the cats in mind, because they've claimed the giant plastic cave.

Funniest/saddest thing ever. Sako tried to get in the carrier from
the wrong side of the door, got her head stuck for a few seconds,
then panicked and ran away.


Lucy finally figured out that it was for her.

We head out tomorrow morning, so I probably won't be posting anything else this for the next couple of days. Everyone enjoy your weekend!


  1. Have a great trip! :) Oh, and you had me wondering about that whole lb thing so I looked it up and found this know-it-all to tell us about it:

    He likes big words and he likes to point out it's not an abbreviation for pounds as much as for a unit of measure being a pound weight taken from the Latin Libra. OYE. At least now we know. :)

    1. I'll admit that this pretty much went over my head, but I've also been drinking cocktails tonight, so who knows what I'll understand tomorrow morning.

      But thanks for the awesome info! I'll look forward to comprehending it later! :)

      You get the "Goes the Extra Mile" award. It's not a real award, but if it was, you would get it.


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