Wednesday, 11 July 2012

There's Awards for these Kinds of Things, Right?

Last night, I used a ShamWow as a bath mat for after my shower.

Until that moment, I had never truly felt like a genius.
Sidenote: When you enter ShamWow and ShamFuckingWow in Google, the image results pretty much stay the same. It's so awesome, you don't even need to add a fucking swear word.

And in case you've somehow never heard of a ShamWow, here's more information about it.

Sidenote: Ok, I lied. Swear words do make it more awesome.


  1. haha, now I might have to go try it!!!!

  2. Genius!

    As an aside, my sister in law named her Collie-mix "ShamWow". Yeah, she's pretty awesome.


    1. That's so unexpected and funny! Haha Does she se ShamWow when there's a spill? :P


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