Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Someone's on his Way to Becoming a Youtube Star

It's not Justin Beiber; unfortunately, that's already happened.
Andrew and his best friend from childhood (who lives exactly 27 seconds away) are hickentical twins, which means that they like to drink beer in our shed, wear camo and talk about hunting together. The hickness is also exponentially multiplied when they are together for long periods of time. Which results in videos like this one.
Behold, the hickness that is Andrew and Justin:

Andrew will want to ensure that you all know that he is the one weilding the gun, not the Borat weilding the camera.
Sidenote: When Andrew found out that I was posting this on my blog, his immediate response was "Awesome! Then we can get more pageviews and get shown on Ellen [DeGeneres]!" Andrew apparently doesn't know how limited my scope is.


  1. But if we all link it to our facebooks and tweet it maybe...just maybe...

    I <3 Andrew. :)

  2. I love this.."Hickentical twins!" PRICELESSS!! 199 views yeehaww


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