Monday, 3 December 2012

Kittens at the Vet

Here are a few photos of the kitties when I brought them to the vet for their checkup.
Sidenote: Yes, I realize that they should no longer be referred to as kittens. I don't care.
Anyways, nothing too exciting happened at the vet; the cats acted the same as they always do.
As usual, Tika doesn't really give a shit what's going on around her.

And Sako runs and hides at the first sign of anything new.
She stayed hidden behind the vet's laptop until we pried her away to do the examination. She then hid again as soon as it was over. You know, in case the vet suddenly decided to amputate her for no apparent reason.
Seriously, it's like this cat is on a permanent crack cocaine binge.
However, the most stressful part of this yearly trip is always the ride home. The cats have this cute little tradition where they shit in their crate on the way back home from the vet, just to spite me.

Every. Fucking. Time.

On this visit though, they seemed to be doing good. Until we got about two minutes away from the house. Then all at once, the car was filled with a stench. The traditional gift-of-thanks-for-checking-on-their-health stench.

Time suddenly seemed to slow down. As I gagged and frantically rolled all the windows down, the two cats stared me down from their shared crate. The look in their eyes can only be translated as "That's what happens when you take us to the vet, Bitch."

Thanks for the shit, kittens.


  1. My cat used to do that too..... until he figured out how to escape the carrier (it has a zip top opening). I decided it was better to let him roam in the car for a few minutes than to put up with the mess!

  2. I used to have one that never failed to pee on the way to the vet's. Far worse because then you have to pry their urine soaked body out of the crate and hand it to some none-too-happy looking assistant with many apologies. Eventually I started lining the crate with diapers to absorb the urine. It looked very strange, but at least my white cat wasn't yellow by the time I pulled into my parking space.

  3. Ouch. Glad my cats go for the "kill me with guilt" option by wailing like banshees, vs "kill me with foul stench"

  4. Yeah, my cats have always just wailed in the crate. No pooping or peeing here thank goodness! That is so gross! How do you clean cats? Without being scratched all up?


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