Monday, 20 February 2012

The Other Half of V Day with my Other Half

After I received my wonderful surprises, I went to work. As I said, I was late. But it was totally worth it.

After an extremely boring day at work, I left early in order to pretty myself up. I wanted to look so nice that Andrew would be completely wowed as soon as he entered the door.  I wanted his jaw to drop. I wanted him speechless.
This was my V Day look, adding a winter coat.

I didn't plan out my time correctly. He walked in to find me still in my work clothes, covered in animal fur, with half of my hair curled, and all of the animals all over me. Instead of bombshell, he got a girl in need of a bomb squad. And we needed to leave in 15 minutes.

Andrew was taking me on a sleigh ride with other couples at our local park, followed by a dinner at the park's lodge. So I needed to be dressed warmly. I threw on as many layers of clothes as possible and hid my hairtastrophy under a hat. Our romantic date was going to have to deal with a little less glamour, and a little more hobo-chic.

We got to the lodge just in time, me toting a big fluffy quilt, because Andrew had the good sense to suggest I bring one to keep warm. Thank God he did, because I would have ruined the evening by complaining about the cold. Because I am a horrible Canadian by virtue of my wimpiness when it comes to the cold.

This has nothing to do with the sleigh ride, but it's still

We hopped onto the sled with nine other couples and away we went. We were being pulled by giant horses called Ned and Ginger; pretty boring names for horses, if you ask me. I would have called them Chester Firefox and Bonnafide Shazaam. Now those would be horses with spunk!

So off we went into the woods as the bells on the horses' harnesses jingled. We kept going deeper and deeper into the woods...and deeper....

Now, the paranoid in me is thinking "why does it seem like we're not turning around? How long is this ride? What if the driver suddenly decides to make us all get out of the sled, and leaves us there?!"

I urgently whispered the last question to Andrew. He just looked at me like I forgot to bring my common sense with me on the ride. He finally answered "... then we would just follow the giant sled tracks in the snow until we got back to the lodge..."

That put the kibosh on my scenario. But quickly, other possibilities formed in my head; we could be attacked by a ravenous pack of coyotes, the trail we were using was actually thin ice, ready to break at any second, the driver was a serial killer.

 Before I could actually consider the ridiculous situations as truly possible, I started hearing music. Thankfully, other people were hearing the music as well; turns out, the trail was indeed a loop, and we were near the skating rink that was blasting the Top 40. The 30 minute ride was almost over.

When we were back at the lodge, we entered the dining room, which had a nice warm fireplace. I ran to sit at a table that was as close to the fire as possible. We were served yummy chilli, with shredded cheese on the side. I was so excited that I got cheese (I'm a big fan of cheese), that I flung the cheese onto the chilli, although about half of it ended up strewn accross the table. After, we were presented with a tray of deserts. There was one nanaimo bar left.

Seriously, that's heaven right there.
Now, I've been taught that when there's one last piece of food, you leave it for someone else. After all, the greatest person is one of courtesy. But then again, I believe that heaven is completely made out of nanaimo bars. And man, did I ever want a slice of heaven that night.

So screw the other bitches, I took the last peice. I wasn't going to ruin my perfect Valentine's Day by subsituting a delicious bit of awesomeness for a measly brownie.

It was a perfect ending for the day. ...evening... whatever.

The End.

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