Wednesday, 8 February 2012

RAGE! ... And then happiness.

Feeling extreme rage right now. Trying not to explode, turn into the Hulk, or flip over a table.

Sidenote, and also funny/cute story that I will use to distract myself, which will therefore become the main point of this post:

The first summer I met Andrew, I had done up a list of things I wanted to do that summer, such as have a picnic, going rock climbing, and dancing in the rain (which was AWESOME, by the way. It was raining, sunny AND there was a double rainbow. Best raindance ever.)

Like this, but in a shirt and shorts instead. And in a trailer park.

One of the things on the list of things to do was to flip a table, vocal expression of outrage included. Because it sounded totally badass.

Not a WHUMP, but more of

So one day, Andrew and I were at his grandparent's farm when he brought me to his grandfather's cabin. Inside, he set up the wooden table with dishes and cutlery (which were plastic, thank God) and told me to flip it. I could not refuse. I flipped that motherfucker like I had just been told that Andrew secretly had a love child, or that my salad was going to cost $80. Shit flew everywhere. It was amazing. And totally satisfying.

A week later, we went to visit his grandfather and his friends in the cabin. One of them commented how the table had become really wobbly lately. I snorted.


I feel better now. Rage subsided. Happiness reclaimed.

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  1. That is one of the silliest, most romantic stories I have ever heard. <3


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