Monday, 6 February 2012

Lucy is a Classy Gal. She takes after her Father, in that Way.

This morning, Lucy was happily playing with one of her toys that looks like a gay pride loofah after eating her breakfast (which we call her "yum yums", as in "IT'S TIME TO EAT YOUR YUM YUMS, LUCY GOOSEY!"). All of a sudden, I hear a ginormous burp come out of her. Along with some of her chewed up yum yums from earlier. It landed on her gay loofah.
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Startled, she looked at her newly decorated loofah toy. She seemed puzzled, like she had no idea where the food came from. After a few contemplative seconds, she decided that she was indeed a food machine, and kept playing with her toy. Dog food and all.

I hope my future children turn out better.

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