Wednesday, 15 February 2012

So, I guess I had promised I would write about Valentine's Day: YEAH, V DAY!

How ridiculous. Goats can't tie bows.
I just want to start out by saying that, on a scale of one to ten, as a romantic, Andrew is a banana. He is usually about as romantic as a goat. And I have never once, in my life, met a romantic goat. 

But, for some reason, he was actually extremely wonderful this Valentine's Day (perhaps because I nagged him a lot, or he suddenly reazlied that burping away from my face did not constitute as a romantic gesture).

Now, before anyone starts protesting that it can't be that bad, I will have you know that for our first Valentine's Day, Andrew bought me a gun. A rifle, to be exact. Are you still defending him? Yeah, I thought so.

Okay, back to happy, lovey, non-weapon-related thoughts.

This, my friends, is burnt.
I woke up alone yesterday alone, as usual (Andrew leaves for work an hour before I do). Well, not completely alone, since Lucy crawls into bed with me as soon as Andrew leaves. Anyways, I got up and started getting ready for work. First stop: the toaster, for my nicely heated and lightly browned, but not crispy toast. Cause once it gets crunchy, it officially gets the "burnt" label, even though Andrew says it's actually just called being "toasted". You say to-may-to, I say tomate. Because I'm French.

However, I could not toast my bread because there was a vase in front of the toaster. In the glass vase, there was a red, a white and a brown chocolate rose. Chocolate flowers are perfect: they will never wilt, because THEY WILL BE EATEN! It was nice to see that Andrew understands how strongly my crazy hormones are a part of me; if I do not get my daily fix of chocolate, then I will not treat you humanely. Next to the vase, was a really cute note. I won't say what he wrote, because for once, I will stop myself from embarrassing him. But he wrote really sweet things.

My table is not scratched up, it's just full of dog and cat hair.
I told Lucy how awesome her daddy was as I brought my flowers and note to my makeup stand to make myself look like a girl. On my makeup stand, was a silver gift bag. Inside was a small box that held a pendant on a silver chain. I showed off my new necklace to Lucy and the cats, once of which is currently in heat. She must have really liked it, because she started rolling around on the floor, purring loudly.

I then realized I was going to be half an hour late to work.

Ooooh, sparkles!
This was only the first half of Valentine's Day. I will post about the rest tomorrow.

Really though, I have the best boyfriend in the entire world.

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