Saturday, 17 March 2012

I Can be So Sneaky Sneaky.

Last night, while drawing up a potential guest list for my future wedding, I asked Andrew this:
...If we were throwing a party, let's say, a really big party, who would you invite?...
He should have seen through the question immediately, which would have most likely got me grounded again for being wedding crazy. But the Wedding Gods distracted him using Call of Duty. (Thank you, Wedding Gods.) He actually answered me, giving me a few more people to add to our list.

It wasn't until an hour later, while I was cleaning out the litter box, that Andrew came running over saying "YOU WERE TALKING ABOUT OUR WEDDING, WEREN'T YOU?"


I warded him off by repeatedly yelling "I have cat poop! I have cat poop! I will use it!" He backed away (such is the power of cat poop).

Crazy Wedding Planner: 1
Andrew: 0


  1. Aww, and Andrew still has things to look forward to like waking up with you measuring his ring finger at 4am and coming home to you entangled in a net curtain because you wanted to see what you looked like with a veil!!

  2. Abigail... do not give her any ideas ... although I am sure she has already thought about it all... and much more. Poor Andrew! Yes I said it...poor Andrew! :oD

  3. Oh my God Abi, you're right! I've never measured his ring finger! Must do it tonight...

    Because you guys give me wonderful ideas that make Andrew shake his head, he is starting to reconsider his belief in how awesome my blog is. However, he knows it’s better I keep on writing, otherwise he has to hear all these stories, ideas and obsessions from me every other minute of the day.


  4. HA! I wasn't telling you what to do! But in truth - I still do tell you what to do! :o)

  5. Really enjoying the wedding themed posts.

    The curtain thing must be pretty common, because I definitely did that like NUMEROUS times. Either that or we are uncommon Abi.

    Also one time I was eating Fruit Loops and found a GIGANTIC red loop that fit like perfectly on my ring finger. So I gave it to Ryan for ring-purchasing purposes. He was all like "You want me to take this piece of cereal to Tiffany and say this is her ring size?"

    Oooh after you get married Andrew can ground you for doing things like secretly collecting tiny socks and bibs. I am SO looking forward to those blog posts.

    Also, thanks for the shout out on GirlToMom. I gave you a vote as well.

  6. You are freaking hilarious. Oh, and crazy. But only a little crazy.


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