Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Yes, I'm Still Looking at Wedding Stuff, Andrew. But this is just AMAZING.

Holy shit everyone.

This has to be the absolute BEST engagement photoshoot I have ever seen. EVER.


Check it out. You will not regret it.

You can better see the photos at http://www.amandarynda.com/2011/08/zombie-engagement-photos/.

You can also find the photographer's Tumbler account and read awesome comments at http://mlkshk.com/p/69H1. But mainly read the comments. The people who criticize the use of weapons and accuse the photographer of setting up the couple for a death by Zombie are my new best friends.

Other than wanting to get married, THIS is now the number one reason to get engaged.


  1. OH what a nice souvenir to share with future children :o/

  2. I KNOW, right?! My kids will know how badass their parents were back in the day.

    I'll be the best mom ever.

  3. Question - how is this engagement photos??? Where is the 'engagement' part in all this ... looks like a (very disturbed) picnic to me!

  4. How is any photo an engagment photo? I don't understand what the criteria is... This couple was having a lovely engagement picnic, which was disrupted by a blood-thirsty zombie.

    PLUS, you KNOW this marriage will last, because they clearly have great survival skills and make a great team. I would never marry someone who couldn't defend themselves against a zombie.

  5. When my husband and I were looking at apartments,we found this really awesome one that had once been a Victorian style house, and the entrance to the upper apartment was outside via a staircase. I shrieked "OMG in case of a zombie apocalypse we can just chainsaw the stairs off and we'd be TOTALLY safe from zombies." The owner of the place (who actually let us rent the apartment afterwards, I was surprised to say the least) looked at me like I'd just suggested sacrificing puppies.


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