Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Why Two Dogs are Better Than One. (Or, the Best Post Ever.)

After we got Lucifer and before we had the trouble twins (the cats, in case you didn't get the reference), I really wanted another dog. I love dogs, to the point that I almost left Andrew for his parent's Boxer named Carter. Seriously, that dog is my boyfriend on the side. If he was human, I would marry him, no question. And I know the feeling is mutual.

Damn Andrew, always photobombing my dates with Carter under the table.
Seriously, he's so handsome! Okay, I'm done now.
Back to Mission: Double the Dogs. I needed to convince Andrew that having two dogs would be more amazing than a date with Gwyneth Paltrow. And that was going to be tough.
  1. For Andrew, Gwyneth Paltrow trumps everything. Except maybe winning the lottery. Maybe.
  2. Andrew has learned the fine art of tuning me out. Great for him, not so much for me.
What my Aha! face looks like.
While these two points were going to make it near impossible to convince him, it didn't mean I wouldn't try.  THIS GIRL CAN'T BE STOPPED BY ANYTHING! So I racked my brain and I brained my rack (I don't know what that means,) and got an Aha! moment, as described by Oprah; although Andrew can press a "mute" button in his brain, he's a visual kind of guy who can't help but stare at movement. I happen to be a Master at PowerPoint. A total Master.

So I put two and two together and created the best thing ever created in the history of mankind: the Why Two Dogs are Better Than One PowerPoint. I actually sat Andrew down and did a presentation for him on our big screen TV. 

I mean business.

Here is is:

Too bad you guys can't see the absolutely amazing animation on these slides.

Really, I rock at this.

Working with Andrew's love of middle-aged blonde women.

I REALLY want a sled team.

I had even more pictures in the original Ppt. I had to cut it down in the picture due to non-animationness.

See what I did there? I used quotes from Andrew's favourite movies. Genius.

I just really liked this picture.
Yes, I actually spent a whole day creating this PowerPoint. And it was totally worth it.

Not surprisingly (unsurprisingly? insurprisingly?), it totally worked. Well, it kinda worked; Andrew said we could eventually get another dog, but just not now. So I'm re-presenting this next month.


  1. Ok LOVED this post.

    "And I Would Look Like This"

    Also, I have two dogs (albeit very small ones) and I will say that it actually was ten thousand times easier to train the second one.

    Also, they are best friends and sleep all on top of each other and it is the cutest thing anyone has ever seen.

  2. THANK YOU! *in sing-sing voice*

    Yet another comment by you that I will print out and wave in Andrew's face, saying "See?! Lauren thinks it's a good idea too!"

    He's starting to dislike you. I don't care, we're still time-traveling twins.

  3. You can never have too many dogs. I currently have two of my own and a third foster dog...with a fourth possibly coming next week. My dogs are also big (aside from the fourth who is a puppy) and we still have room for doing things such as swinging cats.

    Simon started off with 'No pets'. Then he was all 'ok you can have a cat'. Then I went to look at cats and came home with two dogs. Then I started fostering and things escalated. Once you get into multiple dogs it really is no different having two, to having three, four and so-forth. You're welcome, Andrew!!!!!!

  4. this really is the Best Post Evah! my wife has been trying to convince me to get a second dog as a companion to our first, molly, and i think your ppt may have done the trick. Spending a whole day on it really was time well spent! so awesome!! :)

    1. Omg. You have just made my life worth living.

      And I'm showing this comment to Andrew so that he can stop rolling his eyes at me.


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