Thursday, 5 April 2012

Dear Lucy: F@*k You.

Here is one of the great mysteries of the modern world:

How does THIS?....

Yum, this cone tastes like drool.

Manage to do THIS?!

Oh, hi.... I wasn't expected you home this early...


Remember? I'm wounded. You can't hurt the wounded.

...I am actually speechless...


  1. Thanks for supporting your only daughter, Mom. DAUGHTERS OVER GRANDPUPPIES, MOM!

  2. My foster puppy just ate my shoes but that is NOTHING compared to this. I just...I can't even get my head around Lucy's ability to remodel so extensively whilst wearing a cone of shame. It's like she found everything going and tried to eat it!

    1. And the worst is that this is only one day of destruction. We have now had our living room destroyed at least 4 times during the cone of shame period. No matter how much I clear the living room, she still finds things to shred. Bag of potatos, psychology textbooks, Xbox games, shoe boxes, Dvds, makeup; you name it, she'll destroy it.

  3. THe same way Thing One and Thing Two caused such havoc. I think maybe the Cat in the Hat will have to arrive and fix all that.

    Not as smooth as Dr. Seuss, but I was proud of it! Poor puppy! She probbaly did that while shaking her head back and forth trying to get her elizabethan collar off.

  4. This. Is. Awesome. And not nearly as bad as the time my dogs went ape shit in the garbage. Hi-five, Lucy! Hi-five. I'll try to find the picture for you. It was old garbage. Oh, and that time they ate the couch. Literally ate the couch.

  5. At least your recliner is in one piece. Mine isn't. I should post a picture of it on my page so you will feel a little better. Oye.


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