Friday, 6 April 2012

I Get Some Weird People Coming Here... WELCOME!

Seriously. You're all welcome here. Except those who like clowns. You guys get the fuck out of here.

I'm checking out my stats for the day, looking at the traffic sources. This is what I see.
A daily reminder that my blog lacks a following. Probably because people are tired of hearing about Lucy and my cats. Which I now just mentioned once again. Damn it.
 Then, this bit suddenly sticks out at me.

Bitches be cray'.
Which completely confounds me.

Now, I may be mistaken in how these stats work, but from what I understand, either 27 different people with a shaky grasp of the concept of spacing words all came to find my blog by googling the Care Bears villain, or one person googled the same damn thing 27 times.

I highly doubt that over twenty people all made the same spacing mistakes in one day while looking for No Heart. Especially since no one really gives a damn about him anymore. So I'm going to go with the idea that one person repeatedly clicked the "Google Search" button while searching for "carebears noheart", thinking that if they pushed the exact same button over and over again, the results might change.

Or even worse, this person might have looked through 27 pages of search results while trying to find the perfect article about an evil wizard with a ridiculously unimaginative name. And that's a sad, sad amount of dedication.


  1. We've nominated you for the Sunshine Award because of your super fun blog! Check out our site to see the guidelines for accepting. Congratulations and thanks for the smiles.

    Dr Em and Princess WeeWee

    1. OOOOOOH! My first award! Thank you so much! I can now happily state that I am no longer an award virgin.

      I'll be writing up my post soon! :)

  2. Frankly, I think the statistics are skewed. There were probably about a hundred people googling noheart. I get odd referrals for my blog too. I got one for the google search HP Barefoot. Who in the world would google that? I am guessing my blog would have been the only result, and only then because I have barefoot in the title and I made a post about my crappy HP.

  3. And now your stats will go through the roof with people coming from The Bloggess!

  4. Well I have to say that the searches that come up on mine:

    zombie spike heels
    anorexic ethiopean
    high heeled green converse
    jesus is a pimpin' zombie
    pimp zombie jesus shirt

    All make perfect sense to me, and maybe that is why I am so unstable.


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