Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Surprise! I'm still Invisible! UPDATED: TURNS OUT I'M VISIBLE

Today is Administrative Professional Appreciation Day.

"Marketing, I have a beard.
How can I help you?"
 It's a day to consider those people who answer your phone, update your calendar, book your accommodations and car rentals. We screen calls from annoying people for you, work the photocopying and fax machines (since no one else knows how), and order the navy blue folders for you, because the light blue folders ruin your work flow. We essentially do all the shit you don't want to deal with.

So I got in to work today, walking by another Administrative Assistant's desk. She had a beautiful bouquet full of summer flowers on her desk with a big "THANK YOU" card next to it. The Admin across the hall got a gorgeous potted orchid plant.

Excited, I hurried over to my desk.


All that is on my desk is my name plate, a box of Kleenex and the dog calendar my mom bought me last Christmas.

I guess my team forgot to appreciate me.

If I get a call from a telemarketer or a really exasperating client, I'm forwarding the call. And I'm double-siding all photocopies. SCREW CONVENIENCE, I'M SAVING THE PLANET!

UPDATE! Flowers just got delivered to my desk.

Now feeling appreciated.  I guess I'll keep screening calls then.


  1. I thought about doing something nice for our admin girl, but she doesn't think she is an admin girl. Sometimes she WON'T answer the phone, if you ask her to mail something she says why can't you do it, and the best one is when she comes to you 10 minutes before she plans on leaving 30 minutes early and says is there anything I can help you with. You hand her something and she says, "Well I will do it tomorrow I am about to leave"

    Thanks bitch!

    I am glad you were recognized! At least you are willing to do the job in front of you. I am not really sure why we have her.

  2. As a former administrative assistant, I wish you a happy Administrative Professionals Day! So many people don't realize how difficult it is to be the person who keeps up with EVERYONE else... and you're right, it's usually the stuff that no one else wants to do. Enjoy your flowers. :)

  3. From one Admin guru to another.... happy Administrative Professional Appreciation Day....not likely that I will get appreciated today - home from work with sick kids.....

  4. I got an appreciation email from my boss saying lunch would be on him at my convenience. Then today I received a card signed by my coworkers. One day late is better than not at all I guess. Goes to show you that when we are not the ones organizing things nothing happens on time. Man are they going to miss me when I'm gone come June.

  5. Yea for flowers delivered at work! Wait, does that mean I should have sent the me that does all the crap work flowers this week? Oh my...I might want to get my own coffee for a bit.

    Princess WeeWee


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