Friday, 11 May 2012

How are Leaders of Sheep Elected? Ewenanimously.

 Yes, I just made that joke.

A couple of weeks ago, my parents and Andrew took me to a sheep farm to cheer me up during my stressful thesis work. Now that that's all done, I can finally post the pictures.

Way to photobomb, Mama Ewe.
 Get ready for random sheep photos. Cause that's all this post is about.
This ewe had her head tilted the entire time I was there.
The entire time. It probably had brain damage.

Here's the first lamb I got to hold. You can all guess the sounds coming out of my mouth at that moment.

I liked this little guy, because he looked like a flirty animal version of Taylor Momsen. 
Hey Ladies. I've been baaaaaaaaaahd.

Ok, so there's not that much of a ressemblance... I may have been high while on the farm. 


May or may not be hallucinating right here.

P.S. I know my posts have been very minimalistic in the word department lately. I promise I'll jabber more in later posts. Unless I talk too much, then you can just let me know. Andrew lets me know all of the time. Not that it stops me.

I have a million posts on the go, including one about Lucy's Agility Class (disaster), a how-to cleaning guide (Ha!), and a nightmare with killer clowns (terrifying). I just have to actually sit down and finish writing them.


  1. So exactly how many pages and words were in that thesis? I am pretty sure that after writing that epic novel of intelligence, you have earned some photo blog posts!

    I love the sheep! My ex-mother-in-law has a coffee cup for all the people that are guests at her house. It has the guests name etched in the glass......


    Yep! She has a great sense of humor too. She is the ONLY thing I miss from my divorce!

  2. Well, from title page to the end of the references, it was 66 pages and a little over 16000 words... You're totally right, I deserve me some photo posts!

    Haha, she sounds like an awesome woman. I guess you know when you've made it into her household when you get your own glass!

    I'm pretty sure that if I broke up with Andrew, he and my dad would secretly phone each other and still go fishing together. Which kinda makes them sound like Brokeback Mountain 2... Awkward.


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