Friday, 4 May 2012

Three Things: A video, some advice and... Crap, I Forget the Other Thing.

1. If you like animals, British accents, animals with British accents or fart humour, you will like this video. If you like farting animals with British accents, you are probably Andrew. Andrew, get back to work.

The bike. I named it Batman.
 2. Andrew bought a motorcycle on Wednesday. It is the hottest bike ever. When we ride around on it, I feel like a total badass. It's like as soon as I hop on, I want to flip people off and wear black leather pants. And possibly change my name to Moxie Flamerage. Or Pheonix. Rawr.

Now, advice for people riding on motorcycles: wear socks. Seems kind of obvious, but rational thinking has never been my strong suit. I had the heavy leather jacket, a helmet, good shoes and pants, but I totally forgot about socks. This resulted in three hours of freezing or numb ankles; not pleasant.  

3. I still can't remember what the last thing is, so I'm just going to say IT'S FRIDAY, BITCHES! Celebrate your awesomeness!

Yes, yes you are.
WAIT! I REMEMBER THE THIRD THING! Well, now, it's technically the fourth thing, but whatever.

4. I enrolled Lucy and I in agility classes. This will either be amazing, or a total disaster. Because, while Lucy can run and jump like a cheetah on speed, she has also managed to tangle herself in her leach and slam her face into the dirt. Twice. Well, it was more like she slammed into the ground, but then her face bounced and she bit the dust again.

I will keep you all posted on this wonderful and most likely terribly embarrassing endeavour.

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  1. I died laughing reading number three no four. That was awesome with a side of bad ass!

    Hey if you haven't found them yet The Indie Chicks is a website I would bet you would LOVE!

    They are all bad ass like you too!


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