Saturday, 12 May 2012

My Mother, the Ninja.

My mom and I spent the day shopping for craft supplies for tomorrow. Because the best way to celebrate Mother's Day is by spending the day making ponchos and a tutorial on how to print on fabric. That's how we roll, folks.

Nothing says fun times like business cards and USB keys.

We met each other in town, each bringing our significant others in tow. However, as soon as we started shopping, we ditched my dad and Andrew; they were just slowing us down. Feeling that the craft store was too girlie, they ended up hanging out at Staples. After getting our craft supplies, we decided to ambush them.

So off we went to Staples. Once Mom spotted the men, we attempted to sneak up on them. We did this by crouching down in the aisles, quickly peeking to see if they were still in the same spot. Think clownfish in a sea anemone mixed with a giggly ninja. After five minutes of creeping around with my scarf stuffed in my face so as to muffle my laughter, I made a break for it. Unfortunately, I was wearing Kitty Mae Sue, my new cowboy boots, which tend to announce my presence far before I want to. Conclusion: no one was scared by my sneak up, except for perhaps the old man standing next to my dad and Andrew. He was defnitely not expecting me to pop up. While my mom and I giggled madly, the men were not amused.

My mom and I 5 years ago. We were crazy
then too.
Hopefully, the staff that review the security camera tapes enjoy watching a young adult and middle-aged woman pretend to be Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible, cause that's the shit they're going to have to watch.

The moral of this story? My mom is insane. INSANELY AWESOME! (Which is not a moral at all. A moral would be "Don't count your chickens before they hatch", which is ridiculous, because you need to know how many might hatch so you can pick out awesome names for them. Like Zippy, or Magnus.)
Sidenote: Another moral suggested by Google was "Two blacks do not make one white," which sounds both completely logical and absurdly racist.
Back to the main story. I am so grateful to have such a great mom. She has not only raised me, but has given me more love than I could ever ask for and taught me so many important things. She deserves to have anything she would ever want, including ponchos.
Happy Mother's Day, Mom!
And a Happy Mother's Day to all you other awesome and crazy moms out there! Hope you all have a great day!


  1. WHO you callin' "middle age", girl????

    And thank you for being such a great daughter - you made motherhood very easy - couldn't ask better!!!! LOVE YOU (plus qu'une patate frite).

    BTW if I could add a photo here... the one of you wearing a vase as a helmet in Michaels would be added here...

  2. Well as a Mom that no longer has her mom *sad face* I have a hard time with Mother's Day. Although I love my children madly I miss being able to tell my mom that I love her madly too.

    Enjoy your crazy awesome moments, and it's all good to be middle aged mom! You rock it! Plus if you weren't middle aged then you couldn't have a two seater convertible for girlie dates without the men!

  3. wait wait .. no one told me I could get a two seater convertible? This changes everything!!!

  4. And here I thought we were the only ones with regular comments from our mom. Your mom sounds terrific! I hope you two had a most wonderful day together!

    Princess WeeWee


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