Wednesday, 19 September 2012

A Second Case of Mistaken Identity. Texting-style.

While finishing up my secret project (part one), I receive this text.
hey do u no jerry ryder? is he ur boyfriend
You know I can't help myself in this situation. I wrote back:
No, I don't know Jerry Ryder. Like your writing skills, you must have misspelled the phone number.
Proud of my clever (albeit bitchy) response, I showed the conversation to Andrew.
Andrew: I don't get it. What did he spell wrong? 
Me: ... I don't think we can be together anymore.
While in some ways, Andrew and I are quite similar, in many ways we are so, so different.


  1. :D LMAO!! Love the witty comeback (to both!!)

  2. Ugh, I hate it when people text talk. My Mother-In-Law does it all the time because her granddaughter (not my child) taught her to text. It annoys me to no end so I purposefully spell out each and every word and use correct punctuation. She never gets the hint. So annoying.


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