Sunday, 30 September 2012

And This is Why Hugs Never Last More than Three Seconds in our Home.

Hey guys!
I'm still recuperating from my wisdom teeth removal, so no big post today. I will be posting more as soon as my face finishes its transformation from a square to its original oval shape.
Sidenote. I have never truly appreciated my cheekbones until I watched them dissapear under a layer of puffy swelling. And drugs. I definitely appreciate drugs right now.
Andrew and the furry babies have been good company these past few days. Lucy is especially concerned about me; feeling that I'm a bit off (i.e., high on painkillers), she's been following me around everywhere.

She's a perfect dog, except for her excessive jealousy. Apparently in her mind, Andrew and I's relationship revolves completely around her; any time spent on each other is a waste of time. Whenever Lucy catches us hugging, cuddling or giving each other any amount of attention, she immediately intervenes so that everything is once again about her. Our only purpose in life is to serve her.

These pictures were taken today when Andrew tried to hang out with me on the floor.
That's right, man-bitch. You need to be put in your place.

Ahhh. Nice and comfy human pillow.

This is probably why the romance has died.


  1. Your Lucy is so adorable......!!!

    1. Thanks! :) We're head over heels in love with her, even though she's a spoiled brat.

  2. I think that is true of a lot of pets. But at least Lucy is adorable about it.

    May you have a speedy recovery!

    1. Oh, she definitely knows how to bat her puppydog lashes at us to bring on the charm. She's got Andrew wrapped around her little...paw?

  3. What a pretty girl! My dog Django is the same way. Anytime I lavish attention on Leila (the other dog) he gets all up in my grill. It's kind of annoying and kind of funny at the same time.

    1. Haha exactly! I appreciate that they love you that much, but you also just think "God, stop being so selfish and insecure, I love you both, for God's sake!"

  4. When my husband touches me (hug, kiss, lean on) our oldest dog will start humping one of us.. At least Lucy is smart enough to get comfortable...

    Hope you feel better soon!
    Just found your blog and I am truly engaged and amused! Thanks!

    1. Oh God. It doesn't take much to get your dog in the mood!

      Once my mom's little (female) dog Tazz humped her favourite stuffed teddy bear. I screamed so loud that I think I scared her out of ever doing it again! haha

      And thanks! I'm so glad you enjoy it! :)


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