Monday, 17 September 2012

And then the World was Ending.

We're all here reading this, so I can report with 95% certainty that the world has not ended.

Of course, we could all be in this weird twilight zone where everyone is dead and no one knows it yet. Like Bruce Willis in The Sixth Sense, except we don't get Haley Joel Osment.
Sidenote: If you thought of sparkly vampires when I said "twilight", I will cut you.
Second Sidenote: Who names their boy Haley? Is that a thing? Are there any boys called Martha out there?
Anyways, the reason for this speculating, other than for the fact that my brain tends to jump to the dramatic, is this wierd weather phenomenomenom-nom-nom.

Andrew and I were sitting in the living room with the curtains closed when he noticed the light in the room had altered. We then went outside to find the entire world completely bathed in pink. It was like wearing rose-coloured glasses, without the positive outlook on life.

Everything is fucking pink!
Maybe this was God's final message before he started the apocalypse. Maybe he was saying something along the lines of "I'm here, I'm queer, the end of times is near!" Cause maybe God is a gay cheerleader.

The sky. In case you hadn't figured it out.
So far, my speculations seem to be incorrect. Although really, heaven would be awesome if run by a gay cheerleader.


  1. Wow, that is just beautiful! Red sky at night, sailors sky in the morning, sailors take warning!

    Good thing it was at night otherwise you'd be in for some nasty weather!

    1. That's what I thought at first too, but since the entire world went pink, I thought it might be more like "pink sky at night, armageddon in sight". Not as catchy, but definitely more terrifying.

  2. BTW, is it just me or are these "prove you are a real person" things getting incredibly difficult to decipher? I have to click refresh at least three times before I get one I can actually see!

  3. How eerily pretty!! I have to say, it WOULD be awesome if heaven were run by a gay cheerleader ;)

    1. It totally would! I'm pretty sure there would be a disco-themed rave every night and beautifully styled angels with coordinating accessories.


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