Monday, 9 January 2012

Andrew in his Birthday Suit

The coat was his gift from me, the gun, from his
dad and the pants, from himself. Hick much?
Here's my domestic partner, my hunter, and my other half. He turned 25 today. He took the day off from work to properly celebrate. His activity of choice?

Hunting. Duh.

He also played crib with his dad, went Hollywood Hunting (which is when you drive around in a truck through trails to find a target, for all you non-Hicks) and visited his Grandfather's farm. Cause he's so Rock'n'Roll.

I am unexplicably in love with that man.

Here's to another year of country-singing, Lucy-loving, sleep-talking, Western-quoting, gun-toting Andrew.

Happy Birthday Andrew. Be happy I didn't put a bunch of embarassing pictures of you, as I had originally planned.

The cake I made for his 24th. He didn't get
one this year, because he is a grownup now.


  1. I think he looks quite dapper. But then I am from the south and spent my summers on a pig farm growing up.

    Also, the caption under the cake made me snort.

  2. Happy Birthday, Andrew! Also, does this mean I have three more years of not being a grown-up? Yay!

  3. @Lauren

    He is quite proud of his outfit, but was initially disappointed that his camos did not match. Obviously, the deer might notice the discrepancy between the woodland upper-half and the marsh-grass lower-half.

    Also, the pigs must have smelled delightful. Although Andrew likes the smell of a dairy farm, because "cow shit smells like money".


    That's exactly what it means! (I'm just attempting to push back the aging process by changing my own defnition of "grownup".) ENJOY CHILDHOOD WHILE YOU CAN!


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