Sunday, 22 January 2012

I was Told to Blog more.

So here it is. My Saturday.
Side note: The boring subjectmatter is due to not having anything extraordinary happening, and the fact that the original post I had written was downright rejected by Andrew. Also, I am not sure if subjectmatter is one word. My head tells me no, but my heart tells me yes.
Not THIS Woodstock. Which is a shame.
Yesterday, Andrew and I had an adventure! It consisted of going to Woodstock, a town one hour away from our place. It was like going to Disney, but only with less people dressed up and more teenage mothers. This only comes to show how little it takes to amuse me. It was the highlight of my year!  I can say that, because it's only January.

Anyways, I brought my camera, ready to chronicle my adventure for all you four readers. Unfortunately, I was so excited to be roadtriping that I completely forgot about the camera until the end.

But that's ok, because the second most exciting thing that happened was seeing an old man wearing a fluorescent yellow coat, reflecter strips included, and holding a giant Spongebob Squarepants grocery bag. Which is frankly not that amazing.

The one most exciting thing that happened in Woodstock, was this!

Pay no attention to the sweat pants.
I GOT ME SOME NEW COWBOY BOOTS BABY! I ALSO PAID A RIDICULOUS AMOUNT OF MONEY FOR THEM! BUT THAT'S OK, BECAUSE I GOT A 50 CENT RAISE AT WORK! Andrew the Wannabe Cowboy is so jealous right now. These boots are so wonderfully awesome, they make me feel like I could wrangle a sheep or a cow or something. I have sudden urges to tip my non-existant hat to everyone. I have become a Country Superstar in these boots, minus the country music. I shall name the boots Kitty Mae Sue. They are my new best friend. (Sorry, Cow Eyes and friend that will be known to the Blogsphere as Switzerland.)
I was also served at Tim Horton's by two happy German women, one wearing Harry Potter-style glasses. Definitely not as interesting as the Cowboy boots, but important enough to note.
Andrew and I ate supper at Pizza Hut, where I was constantly distracted by the hat shape on my water glass.

At the end of the meal, Andrew proclaimed that he would pay the bill and that this was a surprise date. I was all, "Andrew, you're supposed to state it's a date when the date starts, not when it ends." His reply, "Yeah, but we've been on so many dates. This one was more fun because you didn't know it was a date. It made it more exciting for you!" I still don't understand that reasoning.


  1. Andrew looks like he finds your "Hat Glass" uninteresting.

  2. He was mostly unimpressed that I whipped out my camera in the middle of a restaurant. And that I got so easily distracted the whole time.


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