Thursday, 5 January 2012

I Can be Very Persuasive to myself. Luckily, Myself is also Quite Stubborn.

I was about to ask you guys if it was possible to have a headache in your nose when I realized my keyboard wasn't working (The computer-keyboard. My piano-keyboard works great.)

So I had to crawl under my desk to investigate, follow the keyboard wire and plug it in.

It was five minutes later that I noticed that I was just chillin' under my desk. Just sitting there, leaning against the back of it. I strongly contemplated taking a nap, but then decided against it since I am the receptionist and the first thing people would see are my feet sticking out from under the desk.
Inner Voice: But not very many new people come into the office, Christine.
Me: Yeah, but even the people who do work here might not enjoy finding me sleeping on the job...
Inner Voice: Just tuck your feet in and no one will see you. Just close your eyes and sleep a little. You deserve it!
Me: You're right. I'll just close my.. Wait, no! Do you want me to get fired, Inner Voice?!
Inner Voice: YES! We could do so much more if you didn't have a stupid job. Jobs are for losers.
Me: I'm going to sit back in my chair and stop having a conversation with myself now.
Inner Voice: NOOOOoooooooooooo........
Yep. So I'm now sitting in my chair, longingly glancing at the space at my feet. Damn my desire to keep my job!

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