Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Official Funny Kitty Picture Day. Cause I said so.

Ok, these are more cute than funny.

You know what these need? FUNNY CAPTIONS.


Submit your caption ideas in the comments. Winners will win my approval. And maybe a Stalker Acronym Poem. Maybe.


  1. Picture #1 - Oooopppss... I hope nobody heard that!
    Picture #2 - thank you God - AMEN!
    Picture #3 - Was not me!!! I've been here all along!
    Picture #4 - You found me? ok my turn - you go hide now!

  2. 1.) Ugh. I wish I had someone to blame this fart on.

    2.) 'Top of the wo-orld looking, down on creat-' zzzzz. CURSE MY SINGABLE CONSCIOUSNESS.

    3.) This must be what those bottle-cats must feel like. Sort of.

    4.) The Spin Cycle = One Sweet High


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