Saturday, 3 December 2011

Bi-weekly Time with Andrew

I like to call this special time "When I start yelling, it means they wrote it in Caps."

Pretty much everyday, I get bored answering phones. So one of my go-to websites for a little pick me up is, where the proof is presented that iPhones like to make you send inappropriate messages to your parents and pastor by changing your words, like this:

I then read approximately 5 pages of these texts, trying extremely hard not to laugh outloud. This results in shaking, crying, occasional snorts, and finally the feeling that I'm going to throw up. Right before I start heaving, I change websites to something more tame, because throwing up in public is so 7th Grade.

Okay, back-story ended.

This is what happens. Every other week or so, I'm sitting on the couch with Andrew when I suddenly remember autocorrects, how they rock my world and how Andrew avoids reading like the plague, and so wouldn't have read any lately. I turn to Andrew and say "Hey, do you want to read some damnyouautocorrects?!" He answer "Ok". His facial expression rarely matches the manic joy on mine.

I then read a few. Like these.

Jesus is always somehow funny in a DYAC

I LOVE when they just dig themselves a deeper hole.

But after about four autocorrects, long pauses appear between texts. Because I am laughing so hard. Andrew of course doesn't help me out by reading a few of his own, because that would be a nice thing to do. Instead, he just sits back and watches me have a epileptic laugh attack. Because he only agrees to listen to the autocorrects to laugh at me, not with me.

And I read some more of these and feel like throwing up again. 

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