Monday, 19 December 2011

God must be Punishing me.

Although I have no idea why.

I left the dog in the house for the day because it was so cold outside. So how do I get rewarded? With this.

As soon as I finished making this video, the shock melted away and I cried. A lot.


Update: I can now laugh about it. God and I are on good terms again; we fist-bumped and everything.


  1. OH NO! At first, when the video started, I was like, "Oh god, play-by-play..." and then I realized what happened and almost cried.

    Then your sarcasm almost made me laugh.

    But I still feel bad for you. :( :(

  2. OMG... You need a rake to clean that crap up. We'll get you some more ornaments... :o(


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