Friday, 9 December 2011


Sorry I've been MIA for so long. I was hard at work on my thesis presentation that was presented to the other thesis students and the whole of my university psychology faculty. And I literally just finished my presentation. And I AM RUNNING ON ADRENALINE RIGHT NOW! AHHHHHHH

It's like someone just stuck an epipen into my heart. Minus the hives or swelling up or something. Seriously. One of the professors commented afterwards on how energetic I was throughout my presentation. I don't know if he's saying I was being bubbly, or manic.


I'm going shopping soon. Because my current high will make me impervious to my usual cheapness (financially). I will also be using big words, because THAT'S WHAT INTELLIGENT PEOPLE DO! I'm chronically smart and currently GENIUS. No filter. I have no filter right now.

I could do anything right now. I usually suck at skating, but I feel like I could compete in a figure skating competition. Or wrestle a bear. I want to go to an arcade and play Dance Dance Revolution.

Put me on expert, cause I'm about TO
The girl sitting next to me is a total Hipster condescending Debby Downer. She's on her cell using big words. Shopping now. Screw editing.

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