Sunday, 18 December 2011

I turn Friends into Lesbians

Or so think their moms. (You know you just saw the title and said LESBIAN WHAT?!)

Way back before I met my Hick man, I was hanging out with his cousin Miss Love all the time. I slept over at her house all the time, we danced our asses off at house parties, heck, we were "married" on Facebook. So you know that shit was official.

More like this.

One of those times, I had stayed the night and the next day was spent outside so by the end of the day, we were disgusting. So we decided to take a quick shower. So she lent me her old one peice tie dye swimsuit, put on her other swimsuit and we hopped in together.

Now, before you mind-in-the-gutterers start freaking out, nothing happened. We just don't care about social norms or conventions.

Not like this.
But apparently, that's not how it seems to others. Because when I left her place, Momma Ms. Love sat Miss Love down and let her know that she would accept her and love her regardless of her choices in life and her feelings. After 5 minutes later, Miss Love clued in and said "Mom, I'm not gay".
Ms. : But honey, it's ok to admit it.
Miss : ... But I'm not. We were just taking a shower together.
Ms. : *raised eyebrows*
Miss : We had on swimsuits! I'm not a lesbian!
Ms. :  Well, just remember I love you no matter what you do...
Love let me know what happened. So I make sure to act extra friendly towards Miss Love to freak her mom out whenever I come over.

It's fun.


  1. I could definitely see that happening.
    And at least her mom's supportive just in case lol!

  2. My first comment was, "WE WERE MARRIED FIRST, WTF?"

    Then I kept reading and almost cried from laughing as I pictured the exchange between Ms and Miss. I'm glad this actually happened.


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