Saturday, 3 December 2011

Manchu Wok with Booster Juice Makes us Crazy

Or at least, I assume it's that combination Andrew and I had for supper today that turned us both into basket cases. Many little things happened while Christmas shopping after our delicious food court date, but the highlight was definitely when we hit PetSmart.

I was walking around with Andrew following behind me when I spotted ginormous dino bones. They were too expensive, because Andrew and I are cheap and broke. That is when I heard a sort of crashing noise behind me. I turned around to find a big cardboard box displaying giant dog beds, and Andrew's legs sticking out of it, kicking like a drunk can-can dancer. It turns out Andrew thought he could just sit on the pile of pillows without them all collapsing. Turns out he was wrong, because he fell back in the box and temporarily disappeared, minus the legs.

It was beautiful.

Like this, but in a giant box of dog beds. And no cigarette.
I immediately burst out laughing, to the point of almost heaving. He got himself out and stated "It looked a lot sturdier. Like a couch or something."

Then, wanting to replay the moment over and over again, I ran to ask the checkout girl if the store had security cameras. She asked me why (probably thinking I was the dumbest thief in the world.) I explained the situation. She asked me when it happened and in what corner of the store so she could watch it later. Andrew got embarrassed.

I hope Andrew gets known as the Box Crasher by the PetSmart staff.

In other news, I GOT ELF COSTUMES FOR THE CATS. Pictures will appear shortly.


  1. HAHA, amazeballs, I wish you gave her your email so she might be able to send it to you!

    Also, your poor cats.

  2. OMG - that is hilarious ... I WANT to see that security tape...maybe you could send it to America's Funniest video and win some cash!!!


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