Saturday, 10 December 2011

It's Christinetime! Damn, I mean Christmastime!

I always write my name instead. It makes for very confusing Christmas cards.

Last weekend, I finally realized that we were into December. So we decorated our place for Christmas. Ish. We don't have much for decorations, it's basically just a tree and.. well actually, it's just the tree. Here is a summary of the event through photos, captions and the piece de resistance, the video.

Andrew preparing the tree. Notice Sako's
head next to the big box on the left.
AND Sako's in the box now. Big surprise.
LET THERE BE LIGHT! Now onto decorating.
And so the kitty troubles begin. I had to put bells on the tree as
decorations as a Cat-Alarm. It is effective.
The tree mostly decorated.
So I'm typing this up on my laptop when I hear a little rustle to my right. I then see THIS in the tree.

As I am writing this, the tree is blinking like I'm at a rave because one of the cat is playing with the light string. I feel like this behaviour could eventually cause a housefire.

I'm gonna  go shoo the cat away from the electrical wires now. Remember, only YOU can prevent housefires.

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  1. Before I got married, my last name was Marthaler. So every time I try to write 'Happy Birthday' it comes out 'Happy Birthaler'

    Also, this is from another post, but I'm totally starring your egg story so I can use it one day when I have kids and need to explain to them where babies come from.


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