Sunday, 6 November 2011

Badass of the Month

Look at this nice older woman.

French article here.
She's a nun. Surprised? I'm not. She looks like a typical Quebec nun.

I overheard a french couple talking about her while eating lunch at a local Vietnamese restaurant. This place was the tackiest looking restaurant ever, with light blue lace curtains, random big boxes in the windows, each wrapped in shiny Christmas paper and a giant buddha statue in this pose.

Minus the disco ball.
There was also random cheery Caribbean elevator-music style covers, such as Grease's Hopelessly Devoted to You. At least you got free tea in a cute little teapot.

Woah, back to the inital subject. That lady. Marie-Paul Ross the Canadian Nun from the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Conception. She's a badass nun.


Let's talk about erections.
Damn straight! (Oops, probably shouldn't swear in this post)

But yeah, she totally has a Ph. D in clinical sexology. And has written numerous books, including her new book Je voudrais vous parler d'amour... et de sexe ("I would like to talk to you about love...and sex") that came out in September.

And she doesn't hold back.

This article about her new book says her book talks about "eyewitness accounts of sexual activity between priests and nuns and instances she has learned through her practice of nuns who have been raped by priests." She also estimates that about 80% of Catholic priests have broken their vows of celibacy and states that priests should be given the choice to marry.

I don't even know what more to say about this chick. This woman has not only studied balls, but she also seems to have enormous ones. Can you imagine getting sexual counseling from a nun?!?!
Dr. Ross, you have my sexy thumbs up and the title Badass of the Month.

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