Thursday, 24 November 2011

I am Angry at Smart Set

Earlier this month, I realized that working a "Grown-up" job would require a wardrobe that doesn't involve just wearing over-sized shirts and leggings. It involves over-sized t-shirts, leggings and accessories. So I went shopping. (Andrew thought I was simply using this as an excuse for spending more money. He was right.)

So off I went to our local mall, where I bought from multiple stores, including Smart Set. That is where I spotted a little waist belt, seen here. You know, to prove that underneath the giant shirts, there is a hint of a figure.

It was cute. It was boho-chic. It was on sale.

I bought it. Obviously.

I wore it for the first time today. With a long grey long-sleeve shirt, full black leggings (which are actually ninja long-johns. Yes, I am serious.), wodden beads string necklaces and wooden and multi-metal bangles. It looked fabulous. It said "I'm working on contract, so I act like I don't care about my job, but I'm actually so amazing that you want to keep me permanently anyways."

So as I'm sitting at my desk, I feel like I'm rapidly losing weight. Knowing that the opposite has a much bigger chance of happening, I try to figure out what's going on. My belt was getting looser. Because it was detaching itself on one side. The awesome leather/pleather/I-don't-know-what front was no longer stuck to the elastic back. I was unraveled, literally. Here is a figure to better summarize.

It turns out, on that side, the elastic wasn't even properly sewn in, explaining why they put them all on sale. Shody, simply shody. I don't know what to do now. Do I boycott all Smart Set items? Do I demand a new one? Do I write a letter to the company with clothes manufacturing tips included? I am just so lost.

I am now walking around with seemingly uncoordinated accessories and no waist. In an over-sized shirt and leggings. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd back to square one.

Update: Duck-taping the back of the belt together is not effective. And yes, I know it's spelled "duct".


  1. I bought a dress at eclipse and got it home and put it on to wear to formal, and I find that it was stained.
    Of course it was final sale (I wonder why, eh) and they refused to just exchange it even though I didn't stain it, and it was a weird stain that I don't think I could do from wearing it.
    Long story short, I told her that I would not shop there ever again, and I have now boycotted Eclipse since Winter Formal of 2009. Then again, their clothes really are shit often, so it was not much of a loss.
    So, the point of my story: don't boycott them lol

  2. As an avid smart set shopper, I have never been deceived with the quality of the items I purchased there. So, keep going there or I shun you.

  3. UPDATE! I went back to complain and they replaced it, no questions asked nor receipt required. I now officially love them more. Boycott lifted.


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