Thursday, 17 November 2011

Work is slowly sucking away my soul today.

Kinda like a Dementor.

We are the Ghosts of Marketing, Sales, and Web Editing.
Crap, wrong movie...

I don't know what's up with work today. We are all really sick of being here. It feels like 7pm. But it's not even 3 yet OH GOD I HAVE ANOTHER 2 HOURS OF THIS.

What the hell is up with the work environment?! We have a really bad air exchange system, so maybe we've just breathed in all the oxygen and are currently living on old Co2. Usually, that thought would send me into a hypochondriactic (it's a word, because I have decided) fit, but I don't even care.

This is some random crap I've done to try and make today go faster.
  • Someone just  offered me a Ganong Chicken Bone, which I'm allergic to due to high levels of cinnamon. I ate it anyways.
  • I've been wandering into other offices, pretending I have things to do.
  • Made my Christmas gift list.
  • Did some high-kicks in the hallway.
  • Started looking at the real estate and wedding locations in the area, even though I am not moving nor getting married.
  • Talked to at least 3 peopel about instating a YES LIQUOR policy at work.
  • Walked over to a neighbouring craft show, realised I had no money, then came back.
  • Shimmied in my seat.
  • Watched random parody videos of Erato's Call your Girlfriend


Random swede with mini-ponytail.

And writing this post only wasted 20 minutes of my time. Damn that Marketing Dementor!


  1. I LOVE doing high kicks (only when I'm alone because it is NOT attractive.) It reminds me of the Rockettes. At 27, I actually still harbor a secret wish to be a Rockette. It's hard to admit to myself that if I can't stand on one leg or wear heels successfully then it's probably a dream that is never going to come true. Just like my dream that I could clean things up with magic, like Mickey Mouse in Fantasia.

  2. bahaha René and I just caught up on your blogs. We laughed so hard at that video. Also, the high kicks part. Priceless. Love your blog!!


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