Friday, 4 November 2011

HOLY SHIT. (It's Geography Time!)

This is a picture geographically displaying my blog viewers in the past hour.

HELLO USA, RUSSIA, AND AUSTRALIA! I see you seeing me! And I now see you seeing me seeing you see me!

I just need someone from Southern Chile to view and I'll have the four corners of the world! (If the world was flat and rectangular like the map.)

Yeah, this just happend and I am already aware that I am acting desperate.


  1. hahaha This is hilarious! I had Latvia last week! And Germany! :P

  2. P.S. I mentioned you in a blog post of mine! Check it out! (The Happy Friday! from today.)

  3. LATVIA IS THE BOMB! And thanks for the shoutout! I very much appreciate it. :)

    Also, you will be included in a future post. Alias, or no alias?


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