Monday, 21 November 2011

My Life Will Soon be Complete

Beauty and the Beast will be in theaters in January.

IN 3D!

All is right and beautiful in the world. I have never been so excited at the thought of putting on those ridiculous 3D glasses over my real glasses. I already feel sorry for Andrew, and the other people in the theater that will have to listen to my sing-a-long.

Maybe I'll dress up for the premiere.


  1. Ah!! Can we please go see this together?

  2. 1. I would totally go and sing-along with you. This is my favourite Disney movie EVER (I liked to pretend that there are similarities between Belle and I)

    2. Since I've been here, I've had this fanatic obsession with you or something. I constantly check your blog, and get irrationally upset when you haven't updated (then I realize its 3:30am in Canada). Maybe not "fanatic"... or "obsession" though. You get what I mean.

  3. I didn't know this was happening. I am now SO EXCITED.

    Ryan tried to buy me tickets to go see Beauty and the Beast the musical the night we got engaged but accidentally bought matinee tickets so we obviously missed it.

    I am going to make him go see this in 3D as revenge.

    Because that's what makes marriages work. Revenge. Remember that.


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