Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Getting Lucy - (Or, What's in a Psychedelic Name?)

Chapter 1

During springtime this year, my mothering instincts kicked in full force. I needed something to care of and Andrew just wasn't cutting it.

I went on kijiji.ca, also know as the Canadian Craiglist (minus the personal ads that are solely created for one night stands and people who collect dirty underwear) to find a dog. That's when I found her.

"Are you my new mommy?" "YES, YES I AM!"

She was four months old and absolutely adorable. I emailed the woman and said we would take her. The woman said we could pick her up next weekend. I then notified Andrew that we were going to be parents to a furry child. (I probably should have done it the other way around, but I'm a non-traditional kind of girl.)

Lucy's name was originally Jasmine, but since I had already had a dog with that name when I was a kid (named after the Alladin princess), and Andrew grew up living with a girl with that name, we had to change it. Andrew was a little (read: extremely) apprehensive about getting a dog. Mostly because we were getting her the day we were moving into our house (and especially because technically, we didn't even legally own the house when we moved in. So we were basically squatters in our own home.). This is is how he displayed his uncertainty.
Andrew: We shouldn't be getting a dog.
Me: But it's cute and you love dogs!
Andrew: We shouldn't be getting a dog.
So I really had to make sure that he liked the name we picked out for her.

Side note: I have no idea why my logic states that if he likes the name, then he'll like the animals. I've done that for all three of our furry children, and it seems to have worked every time, so hey, might as well keep doing it. (Note to self, make sure Andrew likes the names of our future human children).

For the entire week before we got her, I threw at Andrew anything he liked as a possible name. Which created some of the most stupid suggestions. Most of the exchanges went something like this:
Me: What's your favourite movie?
Andrew: Moulin Rouge.
(Yes, my hick man loves musicals. Reason #19538 why I love him.)
Me: Well, how about Satine? Or Nini Legs in the Air? OR THE GREEN FAIRY?
Andrew: You want to call the dog "The Green Fairy"? No.  
Me: What's your favourite TV show?
Andrew: Ice Road Truckers. (Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd the hick returns.)
Me: Well, how about we call her Lisa Kelly. You think Lisa Kelly is hot.
Andrew: ... But I don't think the dog is hot. So no.
"Why yes, I always drive in my evening gown."

Of course we're completely sober
Finally, one day, while driving around dirt roads, cause it's cool to do that, I suggested the name Lucy. I liked it because of the famous Beatles song, and I thought Andrew would like it because of the Across the Universe musical. And any dog named after a song with lyrics like "Follow her down to a bridge by a fountain, where rocking horse people eat marshmallow pies" was going to fit into this household perfectly.

He didn't say no. Which means yes in caveman-speak.
I did an invisible fist pump in celebration.

Damn, I want to make a marshmellow pie now.

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