Monday, 28 November 2011

Invoice Mystery (Or, Purolator is being Difficult. Like a 4 year old.)

Annnnnnnnnnnd we're back to talking about Russia.

So I'm at work, trying to find more information about a Purolator bill from months ago so that I can know which budget to pay it from. Except I have no idea who sent it. I tried to scare information out of workers by becoming an invoice nazi, but no one seems to know anything about this package we received.

So I went online. And the interweb said my invoice did not exist. Stupid, interweb, OF COURSE it exists! I'm holding it in my hand! YOU mailed it to us! It replied by telling me to call them.

Stereotyping makes me
picture him looking like this.
I called. And talked to a machine, who wanted me to talk back to it. I am anti-robot, so I just punched a bunch of numbers until it would send me to a real person. This person just happened to live in Russia. Or Ukraine or Kazakhstan or something. There was a Slavic sounding accent, I'm not an expert. The point was, he seemed very angry to be receiving my call. For my shortened version of the convo, I'll be calling him Maxim. (Remember, use a strong accent when picturing this conversation.)

Maxin: Purolator. I need your PIN.

Me: Okay, it's 622RF...

Maxim: No no no no no. A PIN has no letters. Just digits.

Me: My Package Identification Number?

Maxim: Yes.

Me: It has letters in it.

Maxim: It cannot have letters. Just digits. You sure this is Purolator? Because you are not giving PIN.

Me: But that is the PIN! It is a Purolator invoice, it says Purolator on the top, it was mailed to us from Purolator. Can I give you any other information to find the invoice?

Maxim: No no no, you are giving wrong information. I send you to supervisor person. You are not giving PIN. I cannot help you with wrong information. You need to give PIN.
The sound of on hold elevator music cut off my reply. (Thank God, cause after that, he wouldn't have helped me for sure.) The supervisor took my information, said he would call me back and never did. So I'm hovering over the phone waiting for his call. I feel like a desperate rejected woman after a bad date. Maybe he's adhering to the three day rule?


Yes, I realize this post is boring. That's because my life is boring.

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