Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Pregnancy Mystery Partially Solved

So, last night, my friend Miss Love starts texting me.
Miss Love:  What's up?!
Me: Finishing work.
Miss Love: What are you up to tonight?
Me: Working on my thesis. :(
Miss Love: Are u prego?
What. The. Ruck. How the hell did we get back at this?! Seriously. I thought we were over this shit. At this point, I am extremely peeved. Okay, I'm hella pissed off. While I feel like going apeshit on my friend, I calm myself down and write to her in a more friendly manner.
Me: WHAT? No! Where the hell did you get that?
Miss Love: Nanny and Grampy said that.   
AH HA! So it is Andrew's grandparents that are spreading the rumor. Not only did they tell her that, but they also told her twin, and Lord knows who else in the family. I would say really nasty things right now if they weren't so old and cute (really, they are so adorable). And they give us ah-mazing homemade bread and butter. And they sometimes let me name their cows.

So Andrew and I actuallty had to call some of the family to do damage control, assuring people that we did not want baby clothes for Christmas. And I got so pissed that Andrew let me know that he'll talk to them to let them know that "no, I am not carrying developing offspring within my body" (thesaurus.com defined the word "pregnant" that way, so I will too).

I need to develop a six-pack and walk around in a bikini all the time.
Say the word "manner" a bunch of times. Think about it, really think about it.  What a weird word. I almost didn't use it because I got really confused and started doubting whether it actually is a word or not. Man-ner. Ma-nner. Mann-er. ManER.


  1. HAHAHA.. funny! You might just get cute little outfits, booties, hats and blankies for Christmas! You know them country people - they all know how to knit.

  2. Of course Mom! Way to perpetuate hick stereotypes! :D

  3. Your mom is right. :D

  4. You just agree with my mom because she plays online scrabble with you. Back off and get your own mom, woman!

  5. Thank you Emily ... Christine :oP

  6. See, mom agrees with me. You need to play online board games with your own mother. There's only so much of my mom to go around, Emily!

    P.S. Thanks for all your comments. Please continue.


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